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  1. The current Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP); 

  2. The current Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (MSWMP); and

  3. The following Clinton Township Ordinances are in compliance with the MS4 Tier A Permit requirements, per the 2017 Supplemental Questionnaire, and can be found in the Township code book found online at

    1. Pet Waste Ordinance
      Township Code Chapter 63-7.1-B, “Curbing of Dogs,” Ordinance No. 863-04

    2. Litter Ordinance/State Litter Statue
      Township Code Chapter 169, “Littering,” No Ordinance number provided

    3. Improper Disposal of Waste Ordinance
      Township Code Chapter 220-25.2, “Improper Disposal of Waste,” Ordinance No. 902-05

    4. Wildlife Feeding Ordinance
      Township Code Chapter 198, Article VI, “Wildlife Feeding,” Ordinance No. 895-05

    5. Containerized Yard Waste Ordinance/Collecting Program
      Township Code Chapter 75-6, “Containerized Yard Waste,” Ordinance No. 889-05

    6. Illicit Connection Ordinance
      Township Code Chapter 220-25.1, “Illicit Connection,” Ordinance No. 901-05

    7. Refuse Container/Dumpster Ordinance
      Township Code Chapter 235, Article III, “Refuse Containers/Dumpsters,” Ordinance No. 1007-10

    8. Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting
      Township Code Chapter 220-25.3, “Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting,” Ordinance No. 1007-10

NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Stormwater Ordinance 1146-2021

MS4 Outfall Map

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