PushpinLeaf Collection 2020 - updated 11/23/2020
Posted Date: 11/23/2020
PushpinLetters to Santa and Toys for Tots
Posted Date: 11/23/2020
PushpinFree Rabies Clinics in Hunterdon County
Posted Date: 9/30/2020
PushpinRound Valley Reconstruction Update and Closing of Route 629
Posted Date: 9/28/2020
PushpinSpotted Lantern Fly Quarantine Information
Posted Date: 8/11/2020
PushpinEntering the Dog Park and the Community Garden
Posted Date: 11/6/2019
PushpinResidential Room Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier Recycling Program for County Residents
Posted Date: 2/27/2019
PushpinUpdate on Affordable Housing
2018 Housing Elements and Fair Share Plan 9/12/18
Posted Date: 9/13/2018
PushpinBrush drop-off discontinued in Clinton Township
Posted Date: 4/12/2018
PushpinClinton Township Affordable Housing Agreement
Below are links to the Mayors comments and the Agreement on Affordable Housing.
Posted Date: 12/14/2017
PushpinKidde Fire Extinguisher Recall
Posted Date: 11/13/2017