Adult Art Online - Creative Quilling
Thursdays, Nov 12, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 10
7:00 - 8:00PM

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Quilling is an exciting fine art craft that has had a resurgence in our contemporary era.  This is a fun and beautiful art medium that can be as simple or complex as your heart desires.

In this class series we will start with a simple design to quill.  I suggest starting with an 8x10" board with a 4x6" design.  Then once your core design is finished, you can expand it, or add to it.  You can choose any subject, just keeping it simple.  A photo or printout can be traced than transferred onto your board.

You will be shown basic quilling techniques as in how to outline, layer colors, and create wonderful movement and texture.  The class is open to all skill levels.  This series will be online using Google Meet.

Materials Needed at home:
  1. 8x10" watercolor paper or white matboard
  2. Colored construction papers (newspapers and magazines will work too)
  3. Tacky glue is a must due to its thick viscosity and how it hold each paper upright.
  4. Ruler
  5. Pencil
  6. Eraser
  7. Tweezers
  8. Scissors (small paper cutter works well)
  9. Bobby pins
  10. Dish or large flat lid
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