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Welcome to the Form Survey Tool

(This is an example of a Static text information question with simple HTML formatting). There are two (2) pages for this survey. Each page provides an example of different styles of question and answer relating to these five (5) topics:
  1. Simple Fields
  2. Radiobuttons
  3. Checkboxes
  4. Dropdown Lists
  5. Other Options
This survey should take approximately four minutes to complete.
1. What is your name? Single question: Radiobutton (single)
Answer: Text Only Field - basic >> No validation >> not mandatory
2. What is your email address? Single question: Radiobutton (single)
Answer: Email address Field - Email >> Email validation
3. Please paste your cover letter here Single question >> Radiobutton (single)
Answer: Plain Text Field - Large >> No validation >> not mandatory


4. What is your favorite State? Vertical, Minimum selections required = 0
5. What is your favorite State? Vertical, Randomize, Minimum selections required = 1*
6. How satisfied are you with the state of the economy (1 = not satisfied, 5 = very satisfied)*


7. What is your favorite State? Vertical, Minimum selections required = 0
8. What is your favorite State? Horizontal, Randomize, Minimum selections required = 1, Maximum selections required = 1*
9. Please select your favorite State:*
10. Send me your newsletter Boolean field
Sign me up!
11. Rate your skill level using the following software programs: Matrix question, Multiple choices matrix ON*
MS Word
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