Sewerage Authority

The Clinton Township Sewerage Authority was established in 1975 as an autonomous Township agency, to administer sanitary sewer services. The CTSA is governed by a five member (and one alternate member) board of directors, individually known as Commissioners, who serve for a term of five years. Only part of Clinton Township is served with public sewer service. Please check with the Authority for information on the exact sewer service area.

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 79 Beaver Avenue, Clinton and begin at 6:30PM. We recommend you call their office to confirm dates and times if you plan to attend.

Members of Clinton Township Sewerage Authority Term Expires
Peter Geiger 1/31/2026
Steve Krommenhoek 1/31/2025
Edward Schneider 1/31/2023
Katrin Glode-Sethna 1/31/2022
Michael Maurer 1/31/2024
Dan McTiernan, Alternate 1 1/31/2024
Bill Glaser - Council 1/31/2022